Best free Winamp plugins, tools and skins

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First of all, download Winamp Media Player, if you don’t have it.

Playlist File Remover is a free and great plugin for Winamp. It will allow you to remove a track from a playlist automatically. It will also give you the option of using a shortcut key to remove from your playlist the currently playing song. Except for simple removal, Playlist File Remover can move a track to the recycle bin or permanently delete it. You can use Playlist File Remover to discard what you don’t like ending up with your playlist as you want it.

Playlist AutoSave is a free plugin for Winamp that saves your playlist automatically every minute or on a schedule you can decide, making sure you won’t lose your changes if Winamp craches.

MilkDrop2 is a free plugin for Winamp that visualizes music in a lot of impressive psychedelic modes. If you don’t have it, here is chance to get it. This is the original package included in Winamp and featuring about 500 presets, but you can get more if you download also the MilkDrop2 MegaPack of 50000 presets!

ClassicPro 2 is a powerful Winamp plugin you can install to enjoy cPro modern skins. If you are still using Winamp you don’t want to ignore this plugin.

U2 Reloaded is a modern cPro skin for Winamp. It is safe and free, and features a clean minimalistic interface. To use it you need to have the ClassicPro 2 plugin.

Winamp Desktop Control is a nice gadget that will let you open and control Winamp from the desktop.

WinAmp Playlist Creator lets you create or edit a playlist without using Winamp. Playlist Creator saves in m3u and pls formats.

Win7shell integrates the player in the taskbar. It shows playback status and progress in the icon background of the taskbar icon; uses taskbar icon to display a “VU meter”; shows playback status using icon overlays on the taskbar icon, and more.

ASIO Plugins for Winamp. Note that you can not have ASIO streaming only with a plugin. ASIO Winamp plugins are useful because they let Winamp communicate with the main ASIO driver.

CDG karaoke Plugin is a free and safe plugin you can use to play CDG files (mp3+g) in sync with MP3 or other formats supported by Winamp. It turns Winamp into a karaoke machine!

Vocal Remover Vocal remover is a plugin you want, if you use Winamp and enjoy Karaoke. Usually vocals are not completely removed but they are low enough, you can barely hear them!

CD Art Display shows on the desktop the album cover of the currently playing song. CD Art Display visualizes the progress of the track showing a transparent and elegant vertical progress bar – and also it shows (always transparent and sleek) track time, track title, track number and the total number of tracks, album title and the artist.

ListFix finds the lost or missing entries in your playlists automatically. Tell it where you keep your media files, load the playlist you want to fix, and hit the “Find” button. The program will search your media library for the correct files and update the playlist accordingly. If a few files are not located, ListFix has another way of finding them, by scoring the files in your media library with a “similarity” test and offering a choice of the best potential matches, pre-selecting the matches it deems “best”. ListFix does a tremendous job in locating the mp3s and fixing playlist entries. Pros and Cons estimated, ListFix is a great program you should download, if you have a large mp3 collection and many playlists.

WinAmp File Deleter will help you, if you download tones of music and want to delete a file the time is being played in Winamp (you don’t like a song and you want to delete it instantly). Winamp moves to the next file in the playlist, while the previous song is deleted (to the Recycle Bin, if you prefer). There is also the option of not deleting but moving a file to a predefined folder. Unfortunately this Winamp Deleter plugin is controlled by two tray icons (one to delete and another one to move a file to another folder), not from the keyboard. A simpler solution would be to download a different Winamp Plugin called Playlist File Remover, which supports keyboard shortcuts for both removing a file from just the playlist and physically from the hard disk.

EQ Hotkeys will let you define a global hotkey for turning on or off the equalizer, and more (global) hot keys to configure the bands.

TTA Plugin will let you play TTA (True Audio) files. The only problem with this plugin is with toaster, another plugin that shows information about the song currently playing in Winamp. TTA impedes the gui of toaster and it can’t redraw properly.

Toaster displays notification popups with (optionally) album / CD cover art. The toasts can be skinned like the classic Winamp or using a custom skin. They appear in various animations. You can customize the display to show anything you like using Advanced Title Formatting. Toaster is a nicely designed track-change notification plugin.

Minimize Winamp to system tray plugin. When I’m not creating some playlist, etc., but I just let Winamp play music, I don’t want it to appear in the alt+tab and similar chains. The plugin is called “One Click Show & Hide”, and it includes some additional features. You can either use a single or a double click to show Winamp and then do it again to hide Winamp. When using single-click mode you may also bring Winamp to view if it is not the active window (ie hidden below another window, but not in the tray). The plugin will also let you program a global hotkey to enjoy minimizing without clicking (set the UI: Show/Minimize Winamp action).

Winamp Backup Plugin will let you very easily backup and restore all of your Winamp settings, media library database, plugin settings, skins, visualization presets, tray control icon packs, file type icon libraries, even your Winamp Pro reg data.

Jump to File Extra (JTFE) Winamp Plugin lets you queue files to play in an order that you specify. It will also let you have a “Remove Duplicates” entry at the Playlist Editor of Winamp; this will remove any duplicate tracks you might have added to your playlist accidentally. JTFE is normally included in the Winamp installation pack.

Auto Shutdown Plugin will play your favorite music and close (shutdown) the PC when the playlist is finished.

WMP Aero Winamp Skin is a modification of the original Windows Media Player for Winamp. Almost all the skin surface is transparent to some degree letting the desktop wallpaper appear a little. The cons is that the skin is a little large (it could be smaller easily), the equalizer hotkey (alt+g) won’t work, there is no crossfade option!

Drone skin features alternate main window mode- slim main windowshade mode- skin configuration window- 7 custom beat visualizers- ‘Notifier’ with CD cover feature- more than 300 color themes.

EMP 2 skin is cool. When you open the Playlist, it immediately takes focus, which is very convenient, and of course total playtime is there, contrary to what other skins provide. Crossfade is also there, if you need it – trivial things, yet many great skins fail to support them!

3 enchanting round skins for Winamp. I happened to use first Bahmet’s “Merv 4” skin for Winamp; then I discovered that Bahmet has made some more. Besides “Merv 4” I like also the “Fiery Gear” and the “Red Perl” (in this order). “New Night” lacks bit rate display, hence I don’t recommend it, but I mention it. If you use Winamp and you like modern skins, you should give those 3 a try.

Windows Vista skin is well designed after Windows Vista and the interface of Windows Media Player 11, with the single annoyance of popping up tooltips anywhere the mouse may pass over. If you use the keyboard to control winamp this won’t be a problem at all.

Spirit, Crystal, Aero Transparent Winamp Skins. Only a tiny percentage of Winamp skins are really transparent, among which my favorites are three: Spirit, Crystal and Aero Compact. Spirit is the most transparent of all, Crystal adds a little white, and Aero Compact adds a little black. Aero Compact, that I now use, because it is exceptionally elegant.

iPlay skin for Winamp is a theme that does not make many mistakes. Unfortunately it does not support the Crossfade option of Winamp. On the other hand it is easy to use, pleasant, elegant, ergonomic – a theme with a distinctive quality.

Winamp Modern Color Themes Pack helps you to upgrade the default modern skin of Winamp by applying a new color theme. Basic design won’t change much, but the change of colors can offer some interesting effects, transformations and renovations.

Crossfading Output WinAmp Plugin a brother to Crossfading Writer by the same author, is a free Winamp output plugin that will let you mix audio files, applying a “crossfade” effect. The crossfade is made by an engine that supports non-linear crossfades and by automatic detection of the mixing point. The mixing engine has a sound analyzer, which monitors the level at the beginning and the end of each track, and adjusts the mixing point to obtain perfect crossfades.

Winamp Advanced Crossfading for CD Burning will let you mix audio files, and send the mixed result to a single or several WAV files. Generation of multiple WAV files, yet keeping the continuity of the mixed sound, is ideal for CD burning or for uploads to portable audio players.

Calculating total size (MB/GB) of winamp playlists is useful If you need to copy the songs of your playlist in a CD, DVD, Flash drive, etc.. Windows Media Player can do that by itself (at the “Properties” of the playlist), but not Winamp. To calculate the total size of a Winamp playlist you can download M3Util.

KMG DSP Dynamic Volume Plugin limits the volume range or dynamics of music. It automatically adjusts the Winamp volume to make loud music quieter and soft music louder.

TomSteady changes automatically playback volume, if your files are encoded in differing levels, being sometimes too loud or too quiet. TomSteady will help you prevent clipping and low volume hassles.

SoftAmp VirtualSound Winamp plugin for 3D sound produces a three dimensional sound with four independent virtual speakers. You can enjoy the sound coming from down under or from above! Reverberation effect is provided.

Winamp MPC Plugin will let you play mpc (and MPP or MP+) files in Winamp. The Winamp MPC Plugin supports ReplayGain and Crossfade Plugins.

If Winamp cannot play wav or wv files, download the WavPack Plugin.


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