Delete tracks as you listen, even to Recycle Bin, with WinAmp File Deleter

If you download tones of music and want to delete a file the time is being played in Winamp (you don’t like a song and you want to delete it instantly), you can use the Winamp File Deleter plugin.

Winamp moves to the next file in the playlist, while the previous song is deleted (to the Recycle Bin, if you prefer). There is also the option of not deleting but moving a file to a predefined folder.

Unfortunately this Winamp Deleter plugin is controlled by two tray icons (one to delete and another one to move a file to another folder), not from the keyboard. If you delete a lot of files, a keyboard shortcut would be the most convenient way.

For a simpler solution download Playlist File Remover, which supports keyboard shortcuts for both removing a file from just the playlist and physically from the hard disk.

I tried also a plugin called DeleteSong, but it didn’t work, at least not with the option of using a global shortcut to delete the track, which is absolutely necessary for me (I don’t want to move the mouse to the system tray to press a “delete” icon.)

Download Winamp File Deleter

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  1. Dave says:

    ive been having the same issue– lack of hotkey support. This other solution allows you to acomplish the same functions while also enabling global hotkeys within winamp. works like a charm (remove-current-song-from-playlist)