Best free web search programs and utilities

SearchALL is a small, simple, convenient, yet powerful and free desktop gadget that will let you search from your desktop for all kinds of information, images and maps, definitions, articles, reviews, movies, music, etc. SearchALL gadget supports GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, EBAY, WIKIPEDIA, AMAZON, IMDB, BING, NEWS, DICTIONARY, and more!

AMAZON gadget is simple and convenient, free and elegant. It occupies little space, it looks great, and it will let you discover in Amazon reviews, statistics, recommendations, offers and specialties about all sorts of goods. You don’t need to shop from Amazon in order to use the Amazon Desktop Gadget, you can have it to explore easily fresh information that Amazon editors, reviewers and visitors publish each and every day ceaselessly.

AMAZON MP3 Desktop Gadget will let you open the home page of Amazon and listen to MP3s. Write the name of the artist and press enter to get a list of songs and albums in Amazon.

Software Search Gadget is a free and nice desktop gadget that will let you find easily freeware, whenever you need to. The gadget places on the Desktop a discreet search box, that can become almost invisible, if you reduce its opacity to 20%.

Google Classic Image Search Gadget will let you search for images with Google, but making your life easier. The gadget features three options. The first (default) option searches Google using the Classic image interface, with paged results, empty space between image rows and columns, showing image size and image web address. The second option searches Google using the new interface with all the results on a huge page – but showing image size. The third option will let you search Google in the new interface for images of specific dimensions, e.g. 1024 x 768, 800 x 600 etc.

Fling is a simple, flexible, safe and powerful search tool you can download free (without any limitations or annoyances). If you search the web often for information or downloadable files you will enjoy Fling. Here is how it works. When you are in an application, anywhere a keyword can be selected –in your browser, a notepad or any Word processor, etc.– select a keyword or phrase and type the Fling shortcut to let Fling automatically copy your selected text and present you a list of search engines: select the engine you prefer and enjoy! You can customize the Fling shortcut at will. The default one is Ctrl+Alt+S. Fling comes ready with an initial selection of search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, IMDB, Thesaurus, Wikipedia, etc. You can customize this list.