Minimize Winamp to system tray plugin

When I’m not creating some playlist, etc., but I just let Winamp play music, I don’t want it to appear in the alt+tab and similar chains, especially since its graphical interface does not always conform to regular Windows functions and may cause trouble.

There is a plugin that hides Winamp to the tray, when the minimize button or its tray icon is pressed. Clicking on the tray icon will bring up again Winamp on the desktop and taskbar. The plugin is called “One Click Show & Hide”, and it includes some additional features. You can either use a single or a double click to show Winamp and then do it again to hide Winamp. When using single-click mode you may also bring Winamp to view if it is not the active window (ie hidden below another window, but not in the tray).

The plugin will also let you program a global hotkey to enjoy minimizing without clicking (set the UI: Show/Minimize Winamp action).

Note that you have also to activate the option “Show Winamp in the system tray” from the Winamp General preferences in order for the plugin to work.