MilkDrop2 Visualization Plugin for Winamp

MilkDrop is an excellent audio visualization plugin, featuring hardware acceleration and intelligent beat detection to render iterated images which blend seamlessly, creating a constantly changing visual experience.

MilkDrop 2.0 introduced Per Pixel Shader support. Presets are saved in a .milk file format. This installation includes only the presets available with the original distribution of Winamp, but you can download 50000 more in a separate MilkDrop2 presets MegaPack!

If for any reason your Winamp installation misses MilkDrop2, feel free to download it from this page. There is no installer included. To install MilkDrop just place the Milkdrop2 folder and the vis_milk2.dll file in Winamp’s Plugin directory.

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Download MilkDrop2 Plugin