Playlist Autosave Plugin for Winamp

Winamp Playlist Autosave plugin automatically saves the current Winamp playlist every minute, or in a frequency you decide. A playlist may get lost if Winamp crashes. Besides, Winamp doesn’t seem to save the playlist if you exit Windows while the program is still running!

You may disable the plugin and modify the autosave frequency in your Winamp Preferences under “General Purpose” Plugins -> Playlist Autosave. Note that to change plugin configuration on Windows 10, you need to have started Winamp “As administrator”.

To install the plugin just copy the .dll file in the Plugins folder of Winamp. Just note that the plugin does not save the currently loaded playlist file but two copies of it named Winamp.m3u and Winamp.m3u8 in the folder \Users\YourAccount\AppData\Roaming\Winamp

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