Powerful apps you don’t want to miss!

You can bookmark this page and come back whenever you miss that tool that makes your life easier and you need a fresh download. Everything is free and clean, and is made by TheFreeWindows.

Sleeper activates the power save mode of your monitor when you press a keyboard shortcut.

Super Sleep activates the power save mode of your monitor eliminating accidental wakings: your monitor wakes up only when you press a keyboard shortcut.

Gadgetarian enables Desktop Gadgets on Windows 10.

Gadgibility will let you hide and show instantly all your desktop gadgets, using a keyboard shortcut, or a system tray icon.

Rapid Close is a free (without limitations) utility that closes rapidly anything open, file explorer windows and programs. Note that programs are allowed to ask if you want to save unsaved work. They are not terminated, they won’t be closed before you have a chance to save your work.

Taskbar Control completely hides the taskbar with a keyboard shortcut as long as you need.

Taskbar Labels lets you instantly turn on or off the text beside the taskbar icons.

Favorite Launcher is a rapid fast and powerful although light freeware. It will let you have available at the press of a hotkey all your favorite folders, programs, system settings, etc., even fill automatically favorite paths when you are asked by various programs for “open” or “save” locations.

Fling is a free and powerful tool that will let you copy keywords or phrases from any application and search easily for information on them using your favorite search engines.

Amazon Search Gadget lets you search Amazon from your desktop before you open your browser.

VLC Untied is a free program that lets you select one or more files or folders in Windows Explorer and load them to VLC media player instantly using a keyboard shortcut, even removing completely any files that may be already loaded and playing.

Dimmer Pro protects your eyes and also helps you to focus on your work, by reducing the brightness of your screen except for your currently active window.

Case Transformer will be a great companion for any diary or notebook you may like to use, since it will let you change text case easily. It transforms on the fly any text to UPPER CASE, lower case, Title Case, Sentence case, even iNVERTED cASE!

AutoTagger lets you add easily common html tags to selected text, which can be particularly useful when you use a simple text editor.

Software Search Plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox adds to the search box of your browser, among other search providers you might already have installed, a search engine of TheFreeWindows specialized in finding freeware. A Desktop Gadget version is also available.

Window Manipulator lets you drag a window from anywhere and not only its title bar or corner to move or resize it, bring it to the center of the screen instantly and restore it to its original position at a click of your mouse.

Windows Rule will let you easily shutdown, restart, log off using a context (right click) menu, or a keyboard shortcut, or Metro tiles.

NumPad Transformer gives a different functionality to your NumPad, such as single key copy and paste, basic mouse control and windows navigation, immediate use of power options…

Power Copy provides the single copy / paste and power functions, without changing the NumPad.

Mouseketeer transfers the mouse cursor instantly with a keyboard shortcut to the Center, Left, Right, Bottom or Top of the screen.

MagicMove copies or moves instantly to a destination folder anything you select.

Snug opens a Chrome URL in Firefox or Edge, or vice versa.

Paste Shortcut replaces the default Alt+H+P+S key of Windows Explorer to paste (create) one or more shortcuts in a folder.

Fetch The Target finds and copies the targets of several file or folder shortcuts at once.

Savy is a small portable utility that lets you select, run, enable or disable your screensaver easily from the system tray.

Revitalizer lets you terminate and restart programs easily.

CopyURL waits silently in the system tray. Whenever you copy a web page address, it will offer you to save it along with a comment of yours, or just under the title of the web page, which is also automatically copied.

Euro Key lets you have a global shortcut for inserting the sign of the Euro currency in any application you work with.

Auto Limit Posts is a free WordPress plugin that will let you have in the Home / Archive sections of your blog automatically excerpts leading to the full text in the main address of each post.

Social Share Motivator plugin provides a more aggresive promotion of your (WordPress) blog, requiring social sharing of your pages before a user can read them.

Google Simple Search Gadget lets you search the internet without the need to wait for your browser to load.

The Christ Icon lets you have the Icon of the Christ at a side or corner of your desktop, even open the Bible in a random chapter.

Mother of God Icon. lets you have the Icon of the Mother of God at a side or corner of your desktop and open the Bible in a random chapter.

White and Silver theme for Chrome browser (you can use it also on the new Microsoft Edge browser) upgrades your browsing experience providing a clean, elegant and minimal interface.

Activator lets you keep only your active window (the one you currently work on) and minimize all inactive windows, with a keyboard shortcut.


To Use Directly OnLine

Currency Converter will let you convert between 150 currencies using live online updated exchange rates.

World Time lets you know the time in different world zones represented by main cities.

YouTube Responsive lets you get a code to embed a YouTube video in responsive mode, adaptable to the size of any screen.

YouTube Exact lets you form exact references to specific parts of YouTube clips, even add more parameters that will influence a clip’s presentation.

Time in Seconds lets you convert a time given in days, hours, minutes (any combination) and seconds, to a time in seconds only.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator leta you find your ideal body weight according to your age, gender and height.

Burned Calories Finder gives the amount of calories you will burn with various activities and exercises.

Calorie Needs Calculator shows your calorie needs according to your weight, gender, age and height.

BMI Calculator lets you know your body mass index.

Weight Converter helps you convert between various weight measures.

Inches Cm Foot Converter lets you compare inches with centimeters and foot.

Percentages Calculator estimates whatever percentage you need to know.

Paper Size gives common paper sizes you can use for printing and mailing jobs.

Hexadecimal Colors lets you select the hexadecimal code of a color that you need, convert it to RGB, even get it in html/css format.

Check Password Strength helps you form a secure and strong password.

Encode or Decode a URL lets you paste a web address and have it instantly URL encoded or decoded.

Encode HTML encodes your html tags.

Domain Finder checks the availability of a domain.

Whois Database lets you know about the owner of a domain.

My IP reveals the IP address you currently use.

Win7 ThemePacks, Greece ThemePack, and Cezanne ThemePack are elegant and impressive Windows themes.

Ellopos HD Christmas Wallpapers, eMule Wallpapers, Never Let Me Go HD Wallpapers enhance the personalization options of your PC.

Key Sound Generator – TheFreeWindows Edition, features high end comfortable sounds you can use to enjoy a noisier keyboard, that sounds more like a typewriter. Two more sound schemes add the sounds of a mechanical keyboard.