Add tags for bold, italics and more, in plain text notepads, with AutoTagger

If you edit files with simple text editors such as the Windows Notepad or Notepad Plus, etc., you may need to add tags to your text, especially if you plan to publish it on line. AutoTagger aims at simplicity, providing the most common tags, bold, italic, underline, adding to them just a few more, to keep the list short: div, span, paragraph, header, href, img and blockquote. That’s it!

The program is free, light, safe, and easy to use: whenever you need tags, just select your text and press AutoTagger’s keyboard shortcut (the default is Ctrl+Shift+R, but you can change it at the program’s Settings, available at the program’s system tray icon). AutoTagger automatically places selected text inside tags!

If you use AutoTagger without having selected any part of your text, then it will put in your document just the tags, wherever the cursor might happen to be. AutoTagger won’t be in your way at all, it won’t appear in the taskbar. It just makes available a global shortcut you can use to add tags. Upon installation you can decide if AutoTagger starts with Windows or not, but you can of course later on change this, manually or by installing AutoTagger again. You can exit the program anytime by using the same keyboard shortcut or the program’s system tray icon.

To ensure a trouble-free installation, right-click the setup file and select the option “Run as administrator.” You need also to make sure after the installation is complete, that the program folder and files have write permissions. Finally, to avoid UAC prompts upon startup you can include the program in a whitelist of trusted applications.

Download and enjoy!

Download AutoTagger