50000 Free MilkDrop2 Presets MegaPack

I like Winamp and I like MilkDrop2 visualization effects. The original MilkDrop2 package comes with about 500 presets. They are nice and they are not few, but what if you had the chance to multiply them by a hundred and enjoy 50000 great and free presets?

MilkDrop2 Mega Pack of 50000 presets is divided in 10 parts. You can download all of them, or just one to give it a try and see if you need more.

As you may have guessed, each package contains 5000 MilkDrop2 presets and it can be used independently: you don’t need all the parts of this MegaPack to extract your presets.

Extract to MilkDrop2’s Presets folder in Winamp’s directory the contents of any part you may like to download. Winamp will be updated automatically for the new presets when it starts.

In case some of those presets are already present in the presets folder, just skip them and continue the extraction. You may like to create a backup of your Presets folder in case you need to remove new presets and return to what you had before, but in any case you can always download the original MilkDrop2 package and replace everything with that.

If you use also VLC, you may like to download VLC MilkDrop Presets.