Best freeware for batch watermarking images

If you are in search for a freeware that will place a watermark to several images, you may have trouble finding a really powerful and reliable program.

I tried a lot of free applications that support watermarking or are dedicated to that kind of work, and none satisfied me. Some don’t even work, they crash, some are seriously crippled adaptations of commercial versions, some will do this but not that…

Here is what I installed and tried:

Watermark Image Free, Alamoon Watermark, BorderMaker, Easy Watermark Studio Lite, Watermark Magick, ImBatch.

What I found as the best watermarking free program, is not dedicated to making watermarks, not even to editing images, it is mainly a picture browser, and is called IrfanView.

If you are interested in viewing or editing photos most probably you already have IrfanView, even not knowing how great this freeware is even in making watermarks. Here is how you can have IrfanView watermark several images at once.