Best free MS Word productivity macros

Here is a selection of fine, free and safe MS Word macros you can use to make your life with Word easier!

MS Word macro to create automatically Drop Caps will let you just put your mouse cursor to the beginning of a sentence to transform the first letter to a Drop Cap.

Scroll a Microsoft Word document, without moving the cursor is a very convenient macro that will let you enjoy in Word this feature of several simple text editors, to scroll your document without having to change the position of the cursor.

Rename your currently open Word document instantly, no need to close it and locate it in Windows Explorer to rename it. A most useful macro if you like to change names in your documents on the fly.

Apply different formatting to blank spaces in selected text applies different formatting to words and to blank spaces between words, when you select more than just one word to emphasize them by expanding their letters.

Make Word remember your last editing position is an MS Word pair of macros that run automatically when Word opens and closes to let you go immediately to your last editing position when you open a Word document.

Delete the currently active Word document immediately.

MS Word Go To Bookmark is a couple of macros that create a bookmark and let you go to your bookmark whenever you want using a keyboard shortcut. If you create several bookmarks in your document, each time you press the keyboard shortcut of the Go To Bookmark macro you will be transferred to the next bookmarked part of your document.

Open by default a larger Footnotes Pane in MS Word solves a critical problem in MS Word, that it won’t let you define the default size of the Footnotes Pane. If you need a larger Footnotes Pane to write or review your footnotes, you can use this Word Macro.

Odd Page Section Breaks for Headings in MS Word is a macro that will insert an odd page section break before any style you’d like, assuming of course that your publication uses heading for the title of your chapters.

Get MS Word Page Width View toolbar button or keyboard shortcut activates instantly Page Width view when you press a button or keyboard shortcut.

Auto Open Zoom Fix is a Word macro that solves this strange problem when you reopen a document and appears in Page Width view, although in Zoom settings “Text width” is still selected!

MS Word Super Find is a macro that will let you enjoy automatic placement of searched and found terms near the middle of Word’s window. Assign a keyboard shortcut to use the macro effectively. I use F3, which is the default key for RepeatFind; for the latter I use Alt+F3.

Auto Correct entries remover is a macro that will let you delete at once all of your Auto Correct entries.

MS Word Find Previous is a nice macro you can associate with a keyboard shortcut such as Shift+F3 to reverse temporarily the Find direction, returning to results just skipped when you perform a search and jump from instance to instance using your keyboard.

Convert MS Word footnotes to endnotes and unlink them converts the footnotes to pure normal-text (no color, no superscripts) endnotes, and unlinks them.

Delete all pictures in your MS Word document instantly is a macro that solves this problem, that Word won’t let you find and replace all the images, but only graphics.

The following four sets of Word macros will let you

* Resize images, convert, or wrap text around them

* Add or remove blank lines in a Word document

* Convert tables to csv or txt, add borders, format, extract all tables

* Copy text, delete section breaks, remove bookmarks and hyperlinks, change spacing, and more.