The best free applications for enjoying Christmas on your desktop

Desktop Christmas Lights with a calendar, holiday music, and snow will let you enjoy a nice row of Christmas lights at the top side of your desktop. In the control panel of Christmas Lights you can customize everything, apply changes, or quit the program.

X-mas Tree is a free and very well-designed Christmas Tree you can place on your desktop. When you open it you watch it coming to life as it decorates and lights itself up. Its candles are animated with discreet flames.

DesktopSnowOK will let you celebrate Christmas or just the winter on your desktop by dropping snow flakes! The program lets you adjust the number of flakes. You can also decide how fast they fall and how transparent they are.

Icon of the Mother of God can be placed in a side or corner of your screen, and is able also to open random Bible chapters. You can change this icon with anyone you like. A similar gadget is Christ Desktop Icon. You can combine both of these with the free Inspirational Quotes Desktop Gadget

Ellopos Christmas wallpapers is a free collection of the finest Christmas wallpapers, in a high quality resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. Main themes of these Christmas Wallpapers are Christmas trees (real and painted), candles (again, real and painted), toys, snowmen, bells, gifts in packages and package decorations, angels, snow, stars, Christmas tree balls, decorated winter windows, sweets, Living rooms with Christmas trees, presents and fireplace, cats… even the Vienna Boys Choir! In case that you use a smaller resolution, your Wallpaper manager should be able to adjust the images on the fly, otherwise you can get a different Wallpaper manager or even an image converter to resize the images yourself.

Blue Christmas Tree gadget will decorate your desktop. When you move over the tree your mouse stars begin to appear and disappear — for a while, then some of them remain shinning. Check also the similar White Christmas Tree gadget, Christmas Tree Stars gadget, Golden Christmas Tree gadget, and Green Christmas Tree gadget.

New Year Countdown gadget, will let you watch on your desktop day by day the time that leads to the first day of the new year. The gadget is joyful with a green background and blue, red and white letters and numbers.