Integrate Winamp in the Windows taskbar with Win7shell

Win7shell is a free plugin for Winamp, that integrates the player in the taskbar.

The new taskbar features were designed to improve the convenience of the user, and they do, adding visible information and shortcuts where you need it, but Winamp doesn’t take advantage of these. Win7shell fixes this, and it works also on Windows 10.

Features: It shows playback status and progress in the icon background of the taskbar icon; uses taskbar icon to display a “VU meter”; shows playback status using icon overlays on the taskbar icon; customizes the peek thumbnail with: – Winamp logo;

It shows album art- customized information about the current media playing- custom image file- progress bar, showing playback progress; adds customizable player control buttons on the peek thumbnail; adds ‘Recent’, ‘Frequent’ and ‘Tasks’ categories to the jump list.