Best plugin to Backup (and Restore) a WordPress database

I tried some plugins promising that they will backup a WordPress database, only to discover how many problems they were able to cause. I need a plugin first of all able to create a reliable backup, then zip it and put it somewhere on the server, even restore it, if I need a restoration.

The plugin that worked best for me was WordPress Database Manager (wp-dbmanager). It can also email the backups, but I’m not interested in that. Another great (for me) option is that WP DBManager will backup only the database – not any files you may have uploaded at your domain.

Unfortunately WP DBManager did not repair the overhead of my database tables, as it claimed it could do, a task that remains assigned to PHPmyAdmin. However, I was not interested in a repair or optimize plugin — just a backup and restore, and this is what WP DBManager does best.

If you are not interested in restoring the backup, or are willing to use a separate plugin for the restoration, make sure your try BackWPup, a very efficient and flexible plugin, that will save the backup even on the cloud (dropbox, etc).

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