Show album covers on the desktop with CD Art Display

CD Art Display is a free application that shows on the desktop the album cover of the currently playing song. I like to connect in my memory a disc with its cover. This connection is difficult when one uses the pc to listen to music while doing other things.

CD Art Display will let you enjoy the cover of the disc you are listening on the desktop, always viewable no matter what you are doing with other programs. Besides the album cover CD Art Display visualizes the progress of the track showing a transparent and elegant vertical progress bar – and also it shows (always transparent and sleek) track time, track title, track number and the total number of tracks, album title and the artist.

CD Art Display supports Winamp, AlbumPlayer, iTunes, Windows Media Player, foobar2000, Helium Music Manager, Quintessential Media Player, MediaMonkey and partially supports musikCube and MP3Toys.

Main features: Skinnable * 100% real time preview Skin Editor * Full screen skin * Several graphic elements including progress bar, rating, volume and so on * Screensaver module * Album related slideshow * Custom picture slideshow when player is stopped or not running * Customize the way CD Art Display searches for your local cover * Download and save a missing covers from * Download and save missing lyrics from * Drag and drop support to apply a cover and/or install a skin (zip and rar files) * Cover as the system tray icon * Player front end: playback controls, show/hide player and song rating * Several custom hotkeys * Low CPU and memory usage

CD Art Display is a great program that will add to your listening experience — if you value album art.

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