Edit M3U and PLS playlists, even adding folders recursively, with Playlist Creator

There are times (perhaps) you need to create or edit a playlist without using Winamp. Playlist Creator enables you to create playlists easily.

Add all desired files, enter a name for the playlist and select its save location. You can also insert as many existing playlists to your current playlist as you like and combine them.

Playlist Creator saves in m3u and pls formats.

Features: Read the tags of media files and use the data for customizing the playlist * High processing speed even with activated readout of tags * Drag and drop music from Windows Explorer * Folders can be added recursively * Dynamic title variables (to use tag data) * Save with absolute paths or relative to the location of the playlist * Add more media types to the (numerous) currently supported * Save in PLS and M3U format * Open existing playlists to modify them or insert playlist files into an open playlist * Shuffle * Auto self-updates

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