Download free Crossfading Output WinAmp Plugin

SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output, a brother to Crossfading Writer by the same author, is a free Winamp output plugin that will let you mix audio files, applying a “crossfade” effect. The crossfade is made by an engine that supports non-linear crossfades and by automatic detection of the mixing point.

The mixing engine has a sound analyzer, which monitors the level at the beginning and the end of each track, and adjusts the mixing point to obtain perfect crossfades. It also has in its output stage a slot for a DSP plugin (to be processed, optionally, after the crossfade), allowing the crossfade to be sent to a Shoutcast server, a Compressor or any other DSP plugin.

Please note these problems

1) After you install the SqrSoft Advanced Crossfader, global Winamp hot keys may not function, 2) Some playlist commands may disappear, 3) Even if you disable it, it keeps opening its pane!, 4) You can not uninstall it by using the “uninstall” command from inside winamp; you must use the uninstaller of the plugin, from the Windows Start Menu, otherwise Winamp won’t open.

1 Response

  1. andy_t says:

    The plug-in itself is quite good, but all the things around are just nasty (Winamp crashes after you choose to uninstall it from the Winamp Plugins menu, the pop-ups etc.)… will NEVER install this again nor will I ever recommend this to anyone!