Select, run, disable your screen savers easily, with Savy

Savy is a free and safe application that will let you easily and quickly choose, activate or deactivate your screensavers.

Using Savy you won’t have to search for Windows Settings, you will be able to change and / or activate a screen saver whenever you want instantly.

Features: Control the screensaver from the tray * Singleclick on its tray icon to enable or disable the screensaver * Doubleclick to run the default screensaver * Run any screensaver from the tray menu * Change Windows Screensave Settings using the Settings in the tray menu of Savy

To ensure a trouble-free installation, right-click the setup file and select the option “Run as administrator.” You need also to make sure after the installation is complete, that the program folder and files have write permissions. Finally, to avoid UAC prompts upon startup you can include the program in a whitelist of trusted applications.

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