Best free measurement unit converters

NumericalChameleon will let you convert units. It converts numbers with a precision of up to 1000 significant figures. It supports more than 3200 units in 82 categories, including not only all important physical units of categories like length, area, volume, electricity, magnetism, force, power, energy, pressure, mass, temperature, velocity, acceleration, radioactivity and time, but also exchange rates, timezones, spoken numbers (literally and by audio*), roman numbers, 35 radices, bits & bytes, screen resolutions, color codes, uni-codes, international dial codes, calendar and holiday calculations, phonetic alphabets and more.

Inches to Cm to Foot Converter is a free service, that will let you find the equivalence between inches, centimeters and foot. Just fill in any of the form fields and press the “Calculate” button.

Currency Converter is a free service, that will give you conversions between 150 currencies, including Euro and US Dollar, always updated with valid exchange rates, and remembering your currency selection (if you accept cookies), so that next time you are here your particular choice will be ready and waiting for you to fill just the amount you need to convert.

Weight Converter will help you convert between Metric, Troy and Avoirdupois weight. The metric system is based on grams, and the avoirdupois system is based on pounds.

Temperature Converter is a free service, that will let you convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin units.

Time in Seconds is a free service, that will let you convert a time given in days, hours, minutes (any combination) and seconds, to a time in seconds only. Input the value(s) and click the Seconds box or anywhere on the page to get the results.
10 Unit Converter desktop gadget will let you convert various units from the comfort of your desktop. The gadget supports conversion of Area, Energy, FlowRate, Force, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Velocity and Volume.

World Clock WorldClock converts the time in different places over the world. It includes also the Swatch Internet Time, Julian Date and StarDate. You can use it to synchronize the time with an atomic clock, and you can define and watch custom time zones as you wish. WorldClock is very easy to use. It will let you define a watch using the list of the default Windows time zones.

World Time is a free service, that converts time in different world zones represented by main cities.

World Time Desktop Gadget lets you monitor several times across the world, including also a connection with On Line real time automatically adjusted times that give a global image of the world time differences.

Currency Monitor monitors and converts any pair of currencies you decide. A powerful gadget that supports even very uncommon currencies.

New Exchange Rates is a free desktop gadget that will let you convert several currencies or monitor constantly a pair of currencies. The gadget is elegant and simple, and it remembers your choice of currencies.

ConverBers will help you make conversions between 1277 units of measurement in 33 categories – from length and force to flow, temperature and currencies. Features: Favorites menu to bookmark your frequently-used conversions; Quickly search the unit list and immediately see results; Shows either common units or all units; Converts as you type; Includes equation editor to add your own custom units; Option to select scientific notation only…

Cooking Converter will let you convert measurements you might need in your cooking, when you try to understand a recipe — teaspoons into tablespoons, etc. You can convert any of the following in any combination: Teaspoons * Tablespoons * Cups * Pints * Quarts * Gallons * Liters * Milliliters.

Roadkil Convert will let you convert between units of temperature, length, mass, pressure, volume… – between virtually any measurement system, including imperial, metric, and ancient measures no longer used.

ESBUnitConv will let you convert between 500 and more units of measurement. ESBUnitConv includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Luminous Intensity, Illumination, Time & Radioactivity.

Tmetric converts between Length, Area, Volume, Mass and Temperature units.