Help CD Art Display to locate album art in various sub-folders

CD Art Display is a great program in many ways, one of them being its flexibility in locating album art in your music folders. Here I’m going to show you how you can help CD Art Display discover more of your images so that you won’t have to move your files here and there.

CD Art Display does not provide a configuration option by default for folders below the song folder. For example, if you have the folder Beatles \ Revolver, CD Art Display will try to find album art inside this folder, but not in a sub-folder such as Revolver \ Images. Therefore, if you have album art in a sub-folder, be it “Scans” or “Covers” or anything, the program cannot use it! To solve this problem, add a new location (Right click on CD Art Display > Options > Front Cover > Add) using the %songfolder variable to add your album art subfolders. For instance, if your subfolder is “Scans” and the front cover is usually named “front.jpg” you should write


Play with this to meet your needs (e.g. you might need “covers” instead of “scans”). Don’t forget to add another option, the use of %songupfolder% variable, to let CD Art Display check for images in a folder above the song folder, and %songupfolder%scans in case you have your album art in a Scans sub-folder above your song folder. You may not have images in e.g. the “revolver” folder, but more general ones in the Beatles folder above it, or in the Scans sub-folder of Beatles. Add also in the options of CD Art Display the variable %songfolder%Scans (or whatever instead of “Scans”) to let it use any image whatever in this sub-folder, in case there is not a “front” jpg. Enjoy!