Download the best free image editors, viewers and animators

PhotoFiltre is a very fast, yet complete image retouching program and image viewer. If you wait an hour for PhotoShop to open just to resize a picture, or crop, or add some text, apply a common filter, etc, you can just use PhotoFiltre.
It allows you to do simple or advanced adjustments to an image, apply a vast range of filters on it, and it opens instantly. You can find the standard adjustment functions (Brightness, contrast, dyed, saturation, gamma correction) and also artistic filters (watercolor, pastels, Indian ink, pointillism, puzzle effect).

Gimp Advanced Image Editor is able for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc. Although a full featured painting program, Gimp opens faster than Photoshop.

Microsoft GIF Animator is better that many modern animation programs you will find around. You can create or modify an animation then save it for use in your web browser or other applications. The Animation tab of GIF Animator provides control of the size, duration, and transparency attributes of an animation. Repeat Count allows you to specify the number of times you want your animation to repeat.

StylePix can draw pictures, edit photos and more. Features: Draw pictures (Brush, Spray, Clone brush, fill, gradation fill), Resize photos, Rotate photos, Color Correction, Type text on the photo, Synthesis photos, Cut, copy and paste photos, Sharpen/Blur photos, Remove red-eye, Remove dust.

GIF Palette Changer will let you modify quickly a pallete of any GIF image. If you need a quick and basic transformation of a gif image, e.g. colorize it from blue to yellow tones, etc., this utility may help.

JPEG Lossless Rotator will let you rotate your photos keeping the quality of the original. Some images, especially those that come from scanning, need to be rotated.

Futurix Imager is capable of opening more then 40 file types, including the most common (GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, JPEG2000, raw, DNG). It can also print, scan, perform some basic editing operations, show camera metadata, import raw camera photos, generate histograms, and more. Support for writing WBMP images (aka wireless bitmaps), “View as Wallpaper” plug-in, and more. Futurix Imager is useful only as a browser.

SageThumbs is a free shell extension that will let you preview even vary rare image formats. It will also let you convert instantly (by right click) the most common image formats.

Able RAWer is for viewing and correcting RAW images. It allows you to resolve all exposure and white balance issues during raw conversion. Supported formats: raw, crw, cr2, nef, pef, raf, x3f, bay, orf, srf, mrw, dcr, dng, arw.

Raw Therapee is a free RAW converter and digital photo processing software.

MobaPhoto is a free toolbox for digital photography.It can also help you create a basic photo gallery for your webpage. MobaPhoto allows you to resize, crop or correct red-eyes of your pictures, even in batch mode.

Unshake improves blurred and shaken photographs by working out the form of the blurring, then deducing what the picture would have looked like if it had not been blurred. Unshake is written in Java. The real point of Unshake is that it does everything automatically. You can be certain that there are filters which produce the same results, and there are some which will give results which look sharper – but Unshake is designed to seek the lingering real information which has been obscured in the image.

Foto-Mosaik-Edda applies a mosaic effect to your photos, make them seem like they are composed of many small pictures (tiles). A simple wizard will guide you.

Photobie is for photo editing, scrapbooking, animation, screen capture. It supports embedded filters and Photoshop free 8bf filters, custom brushes, textures, masks and regions.

SideWinder Color Balancer is for 24 bit images. Saving over the original photo is not supported (you always have to give a different name to an image).

MyViewpad is stable, contrary to many other viewers I have tried. It can display large images, it can show thousands of images in a row, it can view files with errors and nonstandard formatting, as well as multi-page and animated files. Basic editing options also included, such as rotation, color retouch and resize.

WPanorama allows you to display panoramic pictures by scrolling them horizontally or vertically. 360° continuous scrolling, Full screen view, Panorama show, Multimonitor support, and more.

MS Image Composite Editor is an advanced panoramic image stitcher. You shoot a set of overlapping photographs of a scene from a single location, and Image Composite Editor creates a high-resolution panorama incorporating all your images at full resolution. Then save your stitched panorama in a wide variety of formats.

Image Enlarger tries to be an easy-to-use equivalent of the analogue enlarger for the digital photography: You choose an image file, pick a rectangle and decide how big the result should be ( by scaling factor or by giving width or height of the result ), then you press calculate and get an enlarged image with smooth curves instead of blocks, where edges in the original stay ( more or less ) unblurred.

Image Inc will help you blend images in a fast and easy way, using a layer mask for transparency. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to use a major graphics application for this task. You can use Image Inc. to blend multiple photos together, create interesting texture overlays, or add edge and frame effects to your images.

Multiff can edit multipage TIFF files. Multiff can edit multipage TIFF files featuring: Splitting of single TIFF files, Combination of common graphic files, including TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, Conversion to PDF/JPG/DCX/AVI/ICO format, Page extraction, deletion, insertion, replacement, and move, Automatic image edition using Dmonkey script.

XnView will let you view and convert graphic files. It is similar to Windows Explorer. You navigate the directory structure as desired and any image files found in a directory are displayed in miniature (Thumbnails). Numerous image filters and effects for image processing are available.

TileMage Image Splitter will allow you to slice an image into many pieces automatically (you define number of pieces (rows and columns), it can also create an html file with the pieces tiled to let them appear as a single intact image.

HDR image editors enhance the “dynamic range” of photographs, i.e., the ratio of light to dark. HDR usually exploits three photos taken at different exposures, putting those images together and selecting the best parts of each. Picturenaut‘s architecture is modular, and its most important functions can be also accessed from a command line. It will help you create HDR images from single or multiple shots. AutoHDR is a free, portable and convenient editor of HDR images. The default settings produce natural, clean results free from halos, garish colours and other artefacts.

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