Check these top Winamp transparent skins: Spirit, Crystal, Aero

So you have this great monitor and really spectacular wallpapers, now searching for transparent Winamp skins or themes. It’s a shame that your options are few. Only a tiny percentage of Winamp skins are really transparent, among which my favorites are these three you can download from this page.

Spirit is the most transparent of all, Crystal adds a little white, and Aero Compact adds a little black. Although I wanted a purely transparent skin, such as Spirit, it is Aero Compact that I prefer most, because it is exceptionally elegant.

All these skins suffer a serious problem, being that minimal, they fail to provide information some users may find useful or even necessary, such as the display of bit rate, etc.

Besides this, I don’ t understand why the Playlist window lacks “total time” information, so useful when one wants to burn a However, if you are looking for a transparent /glassy Winamp skin, try them and decide by yourself. Otherwise you can get WMP Aero, a less minimal and only half-transparent skin, which displays all the useful information (and more than that), including playlist total time.