Jump to File Extra (JTFE) Winamp Plugin

The key aim of the “Jump to File Extra” plug-in is to let you queue files to play in an order that you specify. With the plug-in installed you have two different methods available to achieve this:

Queue: This creates a list of files to play that can be managed / altered as needed via the jump to file window, queue manager window, media library view and the preferences — Move after current: This will place the selected file(s) after the currently playing file. JTFE will also let you have a “Remove Duplicates” entry at the Playlist Editor of Winamp; this will remove any duplicate tracks you might have added to your playlist accidentally.

Plugin features include: Customisable queue text formatting (for the dialog and playlist editor) * Save / load the current queue to m3u and pls playlist files * Save the current search results to a playlist * Skin the dialog using the current skin * Drag and drop playlists into the queue for quick album queuing * Integrated preferences dialog in the Winamp Preferences * Configurable display of buttons on the Jump to File window * Configurable right-click menu for the playlist editor, and more.

JTFE is normally included in the Winamp installation pack, but if you miss it or need to check for an update, you can also download it separately.