Delete currently playing song from a Winamp playlist even from the hard disk with Playlist File Remover

Playlist File Remover is a free and great plugin for Winamp. It will allow you to remove a track from a playlist automatically. It will also give you the option of using a shortcut key to remove from your playlist the currently playing song.

Except for simple removal, Playlist File Remover can move a track to the recycle bin or permanently delete it. File deletion did not work before the 2.2.2 version of the plugin; if you use an old version but you need file deletion, try File Deleter instead. Playlist File Remover can also remove a file if played to the end, or if the seekbar is moved to the end, which case holding down the ‘alt’ key temporarily disables file removal; there is an option to remove the file when pressing ‘next’.

You can use Playlist File Remover to discard what you don’t like ending up with your playlist as you want it. To install the plugin, just paste the dll file (gen_play_remove.dll) in the Plugins folder of Winamp, and restart Winamp. At the preferences of Winamp select the plugin from the General Purpose section.

If you know of a Winamp plugin that will add the current song to a new playlist upon removal or deletion from the current one, drop a line.

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  1. Funkmaster says:

    thank you so much for this plug in. i searched for something like this a long time….