Give mouse power and more to your keyboard, with NumPad Transformer

NumPad Transformer is a light and free but powerful program; it will let you arm the NumPad of your keyboard with the ability to trigger frequently used functions, including mouse moves. The program tweaks two more buttons besides those in the NumPad — the ScrollLock and the Pause/Break buttons.

After you download NumPad Transformer and get familiar with the new functions of the NumPad, most probably you won’t be able to imagine your PC without this little freeware. It is that useful, provided, of course, that your keyboard contains a NumPad and you seldom need one to enter numbers all day. If not, you may like to check another great freeware, called Power Copy, that will let you have single-key Copy and Paste, as well as Shutdown and more power options on your keyboard, but not on the NumPad.

To make NumPad Transformer work globally (in case some programs won’t obey the new commands), just run it “as administrator” (right click on its shortcut at the StartUp menu, and at the second tab, named “Shortcut”, check the “Run as Administrator” option. NumPad Transformer should now work with all programs and windows without exceptions. — Read this article in case Windows security won’t let you run automatically at startup “Run as Administrator” shortcuts.

Frequent commands with a single key press

ScrollLock becomes a “Copy” button, and Pause/Break becomes a “Paste” button. This way two of the most frequent commands can be performed with a single key press.

Division (/) becomes a Tab Browser button (“Ctrl+Tab”.) This will let you use just a single key to browse the open tabs of your browser and of other ‘tabbed’ applications.

Multiplication (*) becomes a “Close” button (“Ctrl+F4”), to let you close your tabs, documents, etc., pressing a single key.

The Subtraction button (-) will exit an application (as if you pressed Alt+F4).

Addition (+) becomes a “Switcher” button, it will let you activate one by one your (non-minimized) open windows. It is an alternative –and very often the most useful– way to browse open windows, instead of using the Alt+Tab switch.

Pressing the Delete key of the NumPad, will let you immediately Shutdown your PC, Restart Windows, Log Off your account, or send your monitor to Sleep!

NumPad keys from 7 (top left) to 3 (bottom right) will now move the cursor of your mouse. Pressing the same buttons while holding the Shift key will give temporarily more speed to mouse movement.

The 0 (Ins) button will perform a left mouse click and the 5 button, at the middle of your NumPad, will perform a right click.

The Enter button of the NumPad becomes a “Minimizer”, it will let you minimize a window to the taskbar.

NumPad Transformer places an icon in the System Tray. You can right click this icon to open the Transformer’s menu. Closing the program will return the NumPad to its ordinary functionality, without the need to reboot your PC. NumPad Transformer is absolutely safe and clean.

To ensure a trouble-free installation, right-click the setup file and select the option “Run as administrator.” You need also to make sure after the installation is complete, that the program folder and files have write permissions. Finally, to avoid UAC prompts upon startup you can include NumPad Transformer in a whitelist of trusted applications.

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  1. Bob says:

    At last I use my numpad! Thanks! Copy and Paste buttons are also fantastic.