Download free iPlay skin for Winamp, elegant and ergonomic

There exist many great-looking skins for Winamp, and it’s a shame that most of them reduce the functionality of Winamp!

I was suprised to find out how many Winamp skins have eliminated from the Playlist the “Total Time” calculation, a feature that is absolutely necessary when one creates a compilation! A lot of themes make another serious mistake. When the Playlist opens, it does not take the focus, so that, if you wanted to use the keyboard to go to a song title and remove it from the list or start listening to it, etc, you can not do it, and you are obliged to grab the mouse and click on the Playlist to give it focus. Other skins won’t show the Bit Rate of a song, or the level of the volume! I even found skins that would not open the equalizer and did not let you activate crossfade options!

iPlay is a theme that does not make a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately it does not support the Crossfade option of Winamp. On the other hand it is easy to use, pleasant, elegant, ergonomic – a theme with a distinctive quality.

Currently is available in only one color scheme, using two colors (together): gray/silver and light green/olive. Unfortunately the author features the logo of Apple computers, something that Windows users may not like that much!