ClassicPro 2 Winamp plugin gives great new looks to Winamp

ClassicPro 2.01 is a Winamp plugin you can install to enjoy cPro modern skins.

If you are still using Winamp you don’t want to ignore this plugin. It will refresh the looks and the functionality of your favorite media player.

The plugin itself doesn’t include some great collection of skins, but you can find on line more. Personally I use of course U2 Reloaded.

Installation is easy and safe. Since a friend told me why I keep writing about Winamp, let me explain also here that Winamp remains a great player. In terms of sound quality it sounds as good as any good player, while its plugins sometimes add functions that may be missing from other players.

If you like also a manager / organizer you should check MusicBee or similar software, but if you prefer to handle your collection with just Windows Explorer, needing your player only to listen to music and create your playlists, Winamp remains in the game as before.

Download ClassicPro 2.01