Convert MS Word footnotes to endnotes, and unlink them

Do you have this great document full of footnotes in every page, and you are in need of unlinking the notes and also transfer them to the end of the document as endnotes?

Here is a Word macro by P. Edstein which I modified in order to have the footnotes as pure normal text (no color, no superscripts), have them all converted to endnotes, and all endnote numbers also in pure text format, no color, no superscript, followed by a simple dot to be differentiated from endnote text.

To use the macro, download the .bas file from this page and import it in Word. Read this post if you are not familiar with importing MS Word macros using .bas files.

Note that after using this macro you won’t be able to click on a note reference to go to the note, all references become simple text. Before you convert the footnotes you may like to backup your document in case you regret the conversion and need to revert to the previous form of your work.

Download Footnotes Unlink macro for MS Word