Boost productivity with MS PowerToys for Windows 10

Microsoft Power Toys are famous for their efficiency and simplicity. I always wondered why those functions were not incorporated into Windows by default, but it seems that some tweaking will always be needed.

This new edition of MS PowerToys for Windows 10, as one expects, adds really useful functions that can be managed from a control panel, even letting you enable what you need and deactivate whatever you prefer not to use.

Currently MS PowerToys for Windows 10 include: FancyZones, that let you manage open Windows on screen to create a convenient layout, a shortcut guide, that lets you know all shortcuts based on the Windows Key, PowerRename, a Windows Explorer (Shell) option that lets you batch rename your files even using search and replace and reg expressions, Windows Explorer Preview, adding more extensions that can now be previewed in Explorer without opening the files, Image Resizer, that lets you batch resize your images, and Window Walker, an Alt+Tab alternative that lets switch to a program / Windows by starting to type (any part of) its title.

Of course, we don’t prefer all of us the same utilities, but MS PowerToys have something for all of us. Personally I like most FancyZones, Image Resizer and Window Walker. Since the program is free, you have nothing to lose if you download it and see what makes your life easier and what should be just deactivated.

Download MS PowerToys for Windows 10