In MS Word suppress hyphenation for a single word only

Sometimes, although very seldom, Microsoft Word hyphenates a word that should not be hyphenated, for example, leaving just a single letter at the start of the next line. If for this or any reason you’d like to keep automatic hyphenation but suppress it for a single word, it is easy to do it.

Select the word (including any quotation marks) and go to the “Review” tab of the toolbar, then to “Language”, then again “Language” and “Set proofing language”. In the dialogue that pops up, put a mark at the option “Do not check spelling or grammar.”

Choosing this option will suppress also hyphenation for the text you have selected, while the remaining document will still be hyphenated.

Notice, that if the word you need intact is inside quotation marks, you need also to select them, otherwise hyphenation won’t be suppressed. Of course you can also select more than one words if you need to. Enjoy!