Get Word macros to copy text, delete section breaks, remove bookmarks and hyperlinks, change spacing, and more

You can use this set of Word macros to copy selected text to a list file, delete all bookmarks or hyperlinks in your document, delete section breaks, convert double space to single space.

A Word macro included in this set lets you cleanup your text, deleting all instances of more than one space, replacing any instances of “–” with em dashes, removing all spaces from before paragraph marks, resetting all quotes and apostrophes, to ensure proper curly quotes.

Other macros let you remove all text formatting, remove headings and highlighting, remove trailing white space, replace manual line breaks with hard returns.

Finally you may find useful these two macros that will let you show fixed spacing and sort / remove dupes from selected text.

Read this to learn how to import or export Word Macros in BAS files.

Download Text Manipulation Macros for Word