MS Word macro to apply different formatting to blank spaces in selected text

Since I consider bold letters a kind of emphasis to be rather avoided, personally I prefer most of the times to use in MS Word documents italics or expanded characters in single words or phrases when I need to emphasize something. In the case of italics everything is simple, but in expansion blank spaces become larger than I need.

For this reason I created this macro that applies different formatting to words and to blank spaces between words, when I select more than just one word.

The same expansion in words and spaces creates ‘huge’ distances between words, but this macro applies a 2 pt expansion in words and a 0.1 pt expansion in spaces between words. You can edit the macro in a simple text editor or directly in the Visual Basic Editor, if you prefer a different expansion ratio between blank spaces and word letters. Of course, you must associate the macro with a keyboard shortcut to use it easily.

Read this to learn how to import or export Word Macros in BAS files.

Download Expanded Words macro