Organize and manage your business, even according to EU laws, with DoliWamp

DoliWamp is a free program you can use to manage your business taking advantage of an on-line and easy to use interface, able to support small to middle companies and individuals.

With DoliWamp you can organize your business activities, from contacts and accounts to payments and invoices. Note that the program is able to follow European Union laws.

A nice feature is a setup that won’t demand special skills (not knowing, for instance, how to configure MySQL and PHP on a Windows machine). DoliWamp provides modular installation, that is, you won’t have to install parts of it that you won’t ever need for your company!

The program lets you configure accounts for a lot of users, with administrators adjusting roles for them. Mass emailing is also included. If you need reliable software to manage you company activities, DoliWamp is a free and powerful solution you may like to try.

Download DoliWamp