Scroll a Microsoft Word document, without moving the cursor

Being used to text editors like Notepad++, letting you scroll a few lines of a document without having to change the position of the cursor, I find very annoying that this feature is missing from Microsoft Word. If you want to scroll a few lines in Word, without moving the cursor, you have to grab the mouse, target the scrollbar arrows, etc.

It is very easy to add the mouse-free / cursor-still scroll in MS Word, by creating two Macros.

Just download them from this page and import them in Word, then go to Word options > Customize > Keyboard Shortcuts, to assign them whatever shortcuts you find convenient.

Since they work on other editors too, I’m used to  these keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+UpArrow for moving upwards, and Ctrl + DownArrow for moving downwards.

Read this post if you are not familiar with importing MS Word macros using .bas files.

Download Scroll Up and Down MS Word macros

3 Responses

  1. Faz says:

    Thankyou for publishing this. I have wanted this feature for so long I cannot remember, and all I needed to do was ask…!

    Kind regards

  2. Andrew says:

    Thank you very much! This feature is certainly necessary in reading, also it’s really inspired example of using Macro for MS Word.

  3. Lee says:

    I actually assigned Ctrl + Up/Down, but they are assigned, by default, to execute a 2x PageDown, at least in my version of MS Word 2013! I only found this out just now, as I reopened and checked to see what happens. Apparently, upon rebooting, the keyboard shortcuts were no longer valid. The Macros had been saved, so I just assigned another shortcut. It’s a very useful command indeed! It didn’t work because of the shortcut I had assigned. I changed it and now it works like a charm! Thank you!