Make Word remember your last editing position

Newer Word versions offer a “Resume Reading” option, but not convenient enough, since it won’t drive you immediately to your last editing position, it will pop up a message you have to click — if you manage in time! Unfortunately there are no options you can change to make the transfer automatic — you will always have to hurry up and click this popup message!

If you find this inconvenient, you can download from this page and import in Word two simple macros. The first one writes some standard text when a document is closed, and the second one searches for this text when a document opens.

Read this post if you are not familiar with importing MS Word macros using .bas files.

The macros are named AutoOpen and AutoClose because we want them to run automatically when Word opens and closes. You need to allow the automatic running of macros in Word. This security configuration can be made in Word’s Trust Center.

You don’t need to assign these macros to a specific document; the normal template is fine to have them work with all your documents.

Next time you close a document, Word will write this bookmark and ask you if you want to save the Document. Confirm and save the document (unless you don’t want to have the bookmark). When you re-open this document, Word will go immediately to this bookmark.


Download AutoOpen to Last Editing Position macros for MS Word

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  1. Deb Codding says:

    Thank you so much. This was so helpful. Just FYI, needed to add:

    .Execute Replace:=wdReplaceOne

    before the macro would replace the placerholder text added at AutoClose