MS Word macro searches and places found terms in visible area

Searching with MS Word to find the next occurrence of a term, you may have noticed that each time Word locates an instance, it places it at the top. This preference, default and unfortunately permanent (there is no setting that will let you customize it), is nice only if you need the selected text to be at the top in order to read the text that follows.

if you search, for example, your footnotes, most probably you would prefer the located terms to be placed near the bottom or middle of Word’s window, in order for you to be able to see more of the main text above. Now you have to scroll each and every time to move down the selected instance of your keyword.

You are welcome to download from this page a Super Find macro that will let you enjoy automatic placement of searched and found terms near the middle of Word’s window. Assign a keyboard shortcut to use the macro effectively. I use F3, which is the default key for RepeatFind; for the latter I use Alt+F3.

I have a large monitor (Dell 27” in 2560×1440 resolution), and I need a lot of scrolling to move down the searched term. If in your case my macro brings the text in an invisible area of Word, i.e. below the status bar, just remove some lines at the “ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Up” command until you have the macro functioning according to your needs.

Read this post if you are not familiar with importing MS Word macros using .bas files.


Download Super Find macro for MS Word