Assign Odd Page Section Breaks to Headings in MS Word

It is usual for certain publications to start new chapters on odd pages. If you have a Word document divided in sections / chapters without this natural and useful option of associating a section break with an odd page, don’t be sad! At this point there comes the help of Word Macros!

You can download and import in Word a macro that will insert an odd page section break before any style you’d like, assuming of course that your publication uses heading for the title of your chapters.

In the version you are going to download, the macro inserts and odd page section break before the “Heading 2” style. You can edit this for the style used in your document’s chapter titles.

Read this post if you are not familiar with importing MS Word macros using .bas files.

As always, save a copy of your document before you make changes, in case something goes wrong and you are unable even to use the Undo system.


Download the Odd Page Insert macro for MS Word