Best free password managers, auto fillers and rescuers

LastPass encrypts and hosts your passwords, to you use them from whatever location you are at the moment. You need to remember or save locally a master password. All encryption and decryption occurs locally, not on remote servers. Sensitive data won’t travel over the Internet but only encrypted. LastPass gives you also tools to generate secure, non-guessable passwords. My experience from LastPass is excellent. It works without problems, it is secure and it is very convenient. If you need a password manager that is also able to auto fill forms, you cannot ignore LastPass.

Check Password Strength is a free on line tool you can use to see if a password that you use is strong enough.

Facebook Password Decryptor is an efficient, portable and free program that will reveal any or all of your Facebook passwords (in case that you use multiple accounts) as they are stored in your browser.

S10 Password Vault will let you store all your usernames and passwords securely, strongly encrypted, yet accessible using a single master password. You can use three shortcuts from within any username or password field in any website or program, and it will autotype the appropriate username and/or password for you so you don’t have to remember them. S10 Password Vault is free for personal use only.

Password Dragon is a java password manager with encryption ability (BlowfishJ algorithm). You need only to remember the master password and you will find all the rest in the program. Password Dragon doesn’t need installation, it can be launched directly from a USB thumb drive. It supports random password generation. Unfortunately Password Dragon does not auto-save or auto-fill login information in web pages.

Password Keeper stores login information that you use on various pages in an encrypted database. It offers also a built-in random password generator. You can use it to store your passwords, but unfortunately it won’t auto-fill (nor auto-save) forms in a web page.

PstPassword recovers lost passwords of Outlook Personal Folders. You don’t have to install Outlook to use it, you just need the original PST file that is locked with a password.

Browser Password Decryptor not only decrypts your passwords (presenting them without asterisks), but it also reports for each of your browsers, your user name and the address of the login page where you use this login info.

PCLoginNow helps you gain access to a computer if you forgot the administrator’s password. It resets local administrator and other account passwords. PCLoginNow is downloaded as a disk image file (iso) which you burn. When you need it, boot from the PCLoginNow CD and reset your Windows password.

PasswordFox allows you to review and export user names and passwords stored by Mozilla Firefox. By default PasswordFox displays the passwords stored in your current profile, but you can easily select to watch the passwords of any other Firefox profile.

Zip Password Finder will help you recover passwords of zip archives. You may need even days to recover the password if it is very long or complex. A 3-letters password can be found in about 5 minutes. No matter how many time it takes to find it out, you cannot but spend it if you’ve lost or forgotten the password of a valuable archive. In case that you know of a better, free, password recovery tool, please leave a note at the end of the page.

Reveal passwords behind asterisks with Revelation, a program that will show what’s hidden behind the asterisks. The same task can be accomplished by BulletsPassView (former Asterisk logger), even better. BulletsPassView doesn’t reveal the password inside the password text-box itself. The password is only displayed in the main window of BulletsPassView, while the password text-box continues to display bullets.

RouterPassView will help you retrieve the forgotten password of your router, provided you have a backup. The program features a spartan simple interface, inviting just to open your router configuration file; then it gives you a list with item type, password, user name, and server address.

Mail PassView reveals the passwords and other account details for major local and web based email clients.

Browser Recover and Save recovers forgotten login details stored by your browser. It will let you find and save passwords you may use for your eMail, Facebook profile, or anywhere. It recovers passwords for the most popular web browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi and Yandex. Recovered data include URL (website address), the forgotten username with password, and the browser used to store those details. It will let you save the recovered passwords to a text file.

IE PassView reveals the passwords stored by Internet Explorer.

PasswordFox allows you to review and export the user names and passwords stored by Mozilla Firefox.

SterJo Facebook Password Finder will help you to recover the password of your Facebook account, if it is saved by your web browser.

CmosPwd will decrypt a password stored in cmos and used to access Bios setup.

EKG will help you create really complex passwords. All you have to do is specify the key size and the pattern that should be used to build the key.