Reveal the passwords behind asterisks, with Revelation or BulletsPassView

If you forgot your password, Revelation will show what’s hidden behind the asterisks. The same task can be accomplished by BulletsPassView (former Asterisk logger), even better.

You don’t have to press a button in order to reveal the passwords. Whenever a new window containing a password box is opened, BulletsPassView automatically reveals the password inside the password-box, and adds a record to the passwords list in its main window.

BulletsPassView doesn’t reveal the password inside the password text-box itself. The password is only displayed in the main window of BulletsPassView, while the password text-box continues to display bullets.

Features: it supports command-line options to save the current opened password boxes into text / html / csv / xml file; it is a unicode application, which ensures that passwords with non-English characters will be extracted properly.