Recover your Facebook password from your browser or messenger, even for multiple accounts, using Facebook Password Decryptor

Thousands of years before our age, Plato warned that storing our knowledge has the side effect of making us lazy, thinking that we know while we already have forgotten! This applies not only to the most serious subjects but also to something so simple as a Facebook password. Since a browser can remember our password to log us in automatically, we can just forget about it — not to mention that if it is a strong one, containing special characters, etc., there is no chance we would ever remember it!

Facebook Password Decryptor is an efficient, portable and free program that will reveal any or all of your Facebook passwords (in case that you use multiple accounts) as they are stored in your browser.

You can use this program just to backup your password, or even use it in a different computer or before a clean install of the OS. Of course, a more comprehensive solution would be to use a password manager for all your internet accounts, Facebook, Twitter or more social media pages, stores, blogs, forums, or anything. However, if your current need is to learn your Facebook password, Facebook Password Decryptor will help.

The program will recover at the click of your mouse your password, letting you know it or even export it as plain text, xml or html. Applications supported are Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, CoolNovo, Opera, Safari, Flock, UC, Torch, Brave, Comodo Dragon, SeaMonkey, SRWare Iron, Paltalk Messenger, Miranda Messenger.

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