Recover Outlook Personal Folders password, with PstPassword

PstPassword is a small utility that recovers lost passwords of Outlook .PST (Personal Folders) files. This utility can recover the PST passwords of Outlook 97, Outlook 2000, Outlook XP, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2007. You don’t have to install MS-Outlook in order to use this utility; you just need the original PST file that you locked with a password.

The password encryption in the PST file is very weak, and for each password-protected PST file, there are many passwords that can open it. PstPassword provides 3 different passwords for each password-protected PST file. It’s possible that one of them will be the original password that you typed, and it’s also possible that none of these passwords will be identical to the original one. However, all 3 passwords provided by PstPassword will open the PST file without problems.

No need to install, just run the executable. After you run PstPassword, the main window displays the list of all PST files of the current logged on user. If the PST is not protected by a password, the 3 password columns remain empty, and the CRC value column is 0x00000000.

If you want to recover the password of a PST file that doesn’t appear in the default list, you can press F7 and select the desired PST file, or simply drag the PST file from Explorer window into the main window of PstPassword. Command-Line Options are also available.