Download Zip Password Finder, to recover zip archive passwords

Zip Password Finder is a free Windows utility that will help you recover passwords of zip archives.

Features: A lot of functions/attacks, nice easy to use interface. You might need even days to recover the password if it is very long or complex. To have an idea, a 3-letters password can be found in about 5 minutes.

No matter how many time it takes to find it out, you can not but spend it if you’ve lost or forgotten the password of a valuable archive. In case that you know of a better, free, password recovery tool, please leave a note at the end of the page.

1. Select the file: press “Open file”
2. Select starting password- this is in case you had stopped recovery earlier and want to prolong it.
3. If you need to recover the password for one particular file in the archive, you can select it in the section FileSpec. Not mandatory.
4. Load last saved password. The program creates a file savepassw.txt in the directory of a .zip file, which containes the last tried password. If you had stopped the attack, not having found the password and want to prolong the attack – choose the .zip file and press “load last saved password”. If the file savepassw.txt exists, the attack will start from the last tried password (i.e. you do not need to start it over again)
5. Then, choose the type of attack. You have a number of options, which are pretty self- explaining. “NonAlphaNumeric” means all symbols like &^$><, etc
6. Press start.

Please note that upon starting the program pops up a message about some other software by the same company, that disappears after a few seconds.

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