Download SterJo Facebook Password Finder to recover the password of your Facebook account

SterJo Facebook Password Finder is a free and simple application that will help you to recover the password of your Facebook account, if it is saved by your web browser.

The Interface is simple, all you have to do is click a button.

SterJo Facebook Password Finder lists the browsers and the respective Facebook logins and passwords retrieved from them. If you have saved your Facebook password in more than one browser, this feature will help you confirm the displayed passwords. The application displays the total number of entries found on the lower left corner of its window.

Please note that SterJo Facebook Password Finder is not meant to be used as some kind of hacking tool. It is created to help users recover their own Facebook passwords.

This free application is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows from XP, and is portable: no need to install it, just unpack and enjoy!

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