Encrypt, store and use automatically your Chrome passwords, with Passter Password Manager

Passter is a free Chrome extension that encrypts and protects passwords, automatically fills in login forms, generates strong passwords and changes website passwords periodically using a password policy. Passter removes the burden of remembering complex passwords, it is also used as a defense against phishing, and it significantly reduces the chance of identity theft.

You choose and monitor the password repository. Passter only acts as broker and there is no need to open a Passter account. Also Passter doesn’t send or save information and passwords to anyone other than the repository.

Passter introduces your Google account as a password repository. This enables all the benefits and high security demands from such password management application: Passwords are stored in Google Documents Server (using SSL protocol), one of the largest and most protected servers in the world.

You also enjoy their high availability and their strong hardware. No need to open Passter account or relay on other 3rd party servers. Passter is using the OAuth protocol. This means that Passter doesn’t require from you to provide any Google Account credentials. It simply redirects you to a Google Server page using the SSL protocol for authentication and authorization.