Encrypt and manage your passwords, with Password Dragon

Password Dragon is a (java) password manager, providing encryption (BlowfishJ algorithm). You need only to remember the master password and you will find anything else in the program.

You can also store additional information using the 10 additional fields (besides username, password, url, etc). Password Dragon doesn’t need installation, it can be launched directly from a USB thumb drive.

Password Dragon includes a password generator and password strength indicator. It will let you copy username and password. Your data are backed up automatically.

The program itself is able to launch the URL of the site associated with a particular password in its database. If not used for a certain amount of time, the program is locked to ensure the safety of your data.

Password Dragon lets you import data from text files, group them, search them, export any and all records in simple text format, HTML or XML.

A major drawback is that Password Dragon won’t save or fill your login information automatically when you are on a web site.