Rename files and folders, even with profiles and with undo, using Bulk Rename Utility

Although ignorant persons claim the opposite, there is no real alternative to applications such as Microsoft Office. You can not have a freeware for anything, unless you are willing to sacrifice important features. This is not the case with Renaming tools. Along with PFrank and Metamorphose, the Bulk Rename Utility can be considered one of the very best.

Bulk Rename Utility has evolved through a series of user-requests, one-off requirements, and general enhancements. The program is rather complex according to the wealth of options that it provides, but it’s not difficult to use. The program renames files, folders or both, it supports string substitution, Change of case, Removal of characters or words, digits or symbols. It can append or prepend text, append dates in several formats, append the parent folder’s name, auto-number files with flexible rules, automatically preview the new names, Group configurations into “favorites”. “Bulk Rename” Explorer extension is very convenient. You can also rename files from an input text-file list, create an “Undo” batch file, log activity.

has also published a post on what you need in order to replace the names of your files with random numbering, using the Bulk Rename Utility, and another post about replacing Greek characters with Latin (Greeklish).

2 Responses

  1. LifeHackeriii says:

    Working at Nero but hoping to hookup with MS or is it visa versa? Eitherway, the statement is absurd. “Although ignorant persons claim” Sure. Millions and millions of ‘ignorant people’ sharing, and developing freeware over millions of websites around the world…

  2. Instead of being angry, you can just name a few (or just one) free applications better than Nero in recording, and a few (or just one) better than Microsoft Office, this way proving me wrong and simultaneously helping everyone to avoid those commercial and expensive programs.