Rename and organize files, even using predefined regular expressions, with PFrank

PFrank is a Free professional-grade bulk file / folder renaming program, which seriously challenges and in some ways surpasses great utilities like Metamorphose, but also having the disadvantage of not being that easy to use.


Plugin for insertion of meta data from raw image files (e.g. cr2, nef, sr2), undo facility, filters, positioning controls, ability for users to plug in their own renaming commands, custom list manager for managing any number of custom lists; selectability from dozens of pre-defined regular expressions (these can be used as templates for performing many renaming variations);

Automatic display of columns depending on different criteria, resizable thumbnail, custom building folder paths to newly renamed files, the ability to insert over 158 types of meta-data from music, image, video, email, markup-language, and other files. Any of the meta-data can be saved to csv files.