Monitor your bandwidth, even with statistics and alerts, using BitMeter

BitMeter is a free bandwidth meter, allowing you to monitor your internet connection. It displays a scrolling graph that shows your upload and download speed over time.

The different colours on the graph represent your upload and download speeds, the display updates every second, and the current speeds are also displayed numerically in the lower part of the window. If you want to see historical data you can use the Statistics window to see what’s been going on over the last few hours, days or weeks.

The data shown in each of the graphs is also available numerically, and can be exported to a spreadsheet for detailed analysis. BitMeter has also a web interface, so that you can monitor your speed remotely over the internet via an ordinary web browser. Using the Alerts feature, BitMeter can notify you when you have uploaded/downloaded a certain amount, or if your speed goes above or below any limit that you specify.

BitMeter also includes an on-screen Stopwatch, which can be configured to display information such as upload and download totals, and average, maximum and minimum speeds. There is also a calculator for working out how long a download will take, or how much you can transfer in a given time. The BitMeter graph can be set to ‘float’ so that it never gets lost behind other windows, and can also be made partially transparent. It also has a Click-Through mode, – you can access other windows underneath BitMeter by clicking straight through the graph.

Other BitMeter features: Audio notification at regular (configurable) time intervals – different tones are played according to your current upload or download speed (tone boundaries are also configurable); Audio notification each time a certain amount of data is transferred (uploaded, downloaded or both); Animated System Tray icon shows upload and download speeds; Check for new version (with auto-check option and proxy support), and more.