Rename or touch your files even with scripts, secured by limitless undo, with File Renamer

File Renamer is a free program you can use to rename any number of files and folders. To load the program with files, just drag and drop, or use Explorer’s context menu when you right click on them.

Use File Renamer to add any string to the start or end of names, or remove a string. You can also batch change extensions, number all names in a sequence you will adjust according to your needs, change the case of file names to upper, lower etc.

File Renamer lets you trim a number of characters from the start or the end of file names, replace spaces or remove them, find and replace words or characters with other words or characters. Another useful feature of File Renamer is that it lets you “touch” the files, i.e., change date of creation, or date of modification, etc. A possible renaming scheme supported by File Renamer is to add to file name the file date or time.

Of course all the above would almost useless, if the program didn’t provide also an Undo fuction – which is unlimited!

For power users File Renamer provides also command line functions and scripts creation to combine several renaming jobs to be performed one after another automatically. The program is really powerful and if you have renaming needs often, you may like to have it in your collection of renaming tools.