Download File Renamer, to rename or touch files and folders

File Renamer is a free utility that will let you rename all your files and folders.

Features: batch rename all files and/or folders, add string to beginning or end of filenames, remove string from all the names to rename, change all the file extensions, numerate all filenames sequentially, convert all to uppercase / lowercase, trim ‘x’ characters from beginning or end of filenames, replace spaces inside filename to anything else or eliminate all spaces, replace one string from the name with any other, change file creation dates, add date and/or time to filename; work with one or multiple directories; Remove or add individual items from file list; Select multiple files from Open dialog box; Drag and Drop from Explorer; Sort files by file date, name or type; Infinite ‘undo’ function for all renames done; Command line use; Explorer right click context menu; Create ‘scripts’, combining several options to be applied in one go.

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