Monitor a drive or particular folders for changes, even using filter profiles, with Disk Pulse

If you are in search of a freeware that will let you monitor a disk or specific folders for changes, to be informed when some program completes a task or a user of your PC makes something or a new download arrived, etc. Disk Pulse can be of help.

Disk Pulse is easy to use. Just select folders to monitor, choose your filters and save your selection as a profile to be used along with other profiles you can create for different jobs. You can monitor creation, modification, renaming and deletion of files.

To make your job even more specific, you can exclude folders. Of course the program generates reports of changes and keeps logs as lengthy and for as long as you decide. To make things even easier, Disk Pulse provides sound alerts and various logs and notifications for your jobs; it will also let you backup your settings to use them again on the same or other PCs.

The program offers also 4 commercial versions (Pro, Ultimate, Server, Enterprise) you can try if you need even more features, but those included in the free version are already more than enough for most users.

Download Disk Pulse